Haunted Military Places

By , August 30, 2012 7:39 pm

Military places have been built and used for defense for many centuries. With all the years military places have been around, it is impossible to avoid events that could cause the fort, port, base or battleground or the area near it to experience some strange events. There are a ton of alleged haunted military places all across the United States and as all over the world. There are just as many stories about the paranormal stuff that happens on or near these locations and the history of why these things occur.

Some of the military places are old and creepy looking; some of them are newly built and more modern. There are army posts, forts, bases, graveyards and battlegrounds just to mention a few types of military places. In a few cases, the buildings are no longer even there, but the spirits and tales remain.

Legends tell tragic tales of horrible battles, wars and other events that caused lives to be lost. Most of these legends have been around for generations. Various conflicting stories are often told about what exactly the hautnings may be and what might have caused it.

Investigators investigte, curious kids stake the place out hoping for a scare. Although we will most likely never know for sure what exactly is going on at these locations, as technology improves, more and more evidence is being recorded which makes us more able to take a step towards some sort of explanation.

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