Fort Tejon, Lebec, California

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Fort Tejon

Fort Tejon

This five-acre, twenty-building fort was the site of imprisonment for more than a thousand Indians at a time back in the mid 1800’s. Suffering under inhumane conditions, hundreds of Indians died at the fort between 1854 and 1864. In one brutal incident, a whole village of Indians was driven into the heavy, mineralized water of nearby Lake Castac and drowned.

There are several buildings on the location – the orderlies’ quarters, the hospital, and the officers’ quarters that are considered to be highly spiritual areas, but the most haunted spot is the Le Beck Oak Tree, a great oak in the northwest corner of the parade ground. The ghost of Peter Le Beck, a French trapper, has been seen many times near this tree. Le Beck was buried under the tree after he was killed in 1837. The cause of his death is appears to be somehow related to a bear. One version attributes his death to a black bear, and another version blames Chief Black Bear, a great Indian chief. The chief was hanged from another oak tree about 300 yards from the Le Beck tree. Oddly enough, Chief Black Bear is seen most often near the Le Beck tree.

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